BRAVE SPIRIT is a highly expressive video game and accompanying live theatrical gaming event using Shakespeare's The Tempest as inspiration and foundation. Our video game features Shakespearean text and seeks to create artistically superior visuals, musical score, and representation of human voice and form.

BRAVE SPIRIT is a two part project using Shakespeare's The Tempest as inspiration and foundation. Part One features production of our marketable video game in which players control the journey of Ariel, a shapeshifting androgynous character who serves their master Prospero. Part Two is simultaneous development of an accompanying live theatrical gaming event in which audience members witness and control live action and revealed technology to further immerse themselves in Shakespeare's play. Both parts of the project feature Shakespearean text as acted and performed by seasoned actors; original and complex choreography in the form of dance and meticulously developed character movement; an original musical score; graphics designed and influenced by contemporary artists; and the inclusion of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

BRAVE SPIRIT is developed with versions of the game and live theatrical gaming experience being released incrementally to ensure we make relevant and effective adjustments throughout the multi-year development process. Through a system we developed, we gather in person for creative periods where Shakesperean text is analyzed, character movement and choreography are developed, the game engine is researched; and the score is developed. We work individually in the morning and come together in the afternoons to combine the elements as effectively as possible using motion and performance capture. Currently we work with our small team and hope future iterations will have larger casts of dancers and actors involved. After our creative residencies we work individually to complete the work.

We are combining multiple forms of human expression - dance, theatre, visual art, music, and game design. We seek to take those modes of expression to the height of human artistic potential and lend the output to virtual worlds and avatars who "play" thru many dimensions. Ultimately we're placing a play - The Tempest, within play - the video game, and playing in real time - the live theatrical gaming experience. Thru gaming we expose our relationship to imaginary worlds, our place within them, and the ability to wonder: are we playing the games, or are the games playing us?

We seek to infiltrate gaming with games possessing a higher quality of artistic expression inspired by artists who prioritize an enlightened practice of culture over revenue; excite players and audiences members to hear Shakespeare's words and portrayal of life as relevant to today's world; use language as a tool for communication; incite compassion for all humans by exposing surprising forms and unexpected combinations of the human body; reach the eyes and ears of those in our society who feel a parallel to the enslaved Ariel and Caliban. The vehicle of video game and live performance is our strategy.

We hope to engage the gaming community first and foremost; theatre audiences interested in immersive gaming experiences; technology experts shy about involving artists in their fast paced technological advancements; Shakespearean scholars and educators; minority audiences who feel a sense of familiarity in a tale of being cast away to a remote island; those who have previously felt alienated by Shakespeare's text; humans who do not define themselves through their sex, color of skin, and sexual orientation, but more through their ability to shapeshift, as Ariel does, in order to meet the demands of the day.

Our Collaborative strives to alter history and change lives through an enlightened practice of culture. We seek to lend our voices, bodies, and crafts to telling stories using relevant technology that breaks down barriers between art and commerce. We believe gaming to be our vehicle and our Collaborative the engine. We expect The Tempest - an Untitled Video Game to be the first in a series of highly expressive games featuring theatre, dance, visual art, and music. We foresee future partnering with game developers and tech companies to lend artistry to their movements. This is our beginning.