a media company daring you to wake up

a media company daring you to wake up


For arts and entertainment consumers tired of being placed in generic boxes, ROY PRODUCTIONS produces daring creative content that gives you permission to break free of your formulaic life, reclaim joy and spontaneity, and remember what it’s like to live a wild and unpredictable life. Different from other media companies, our success is defined by you bucking the algorithm and discovering your life’s true beat.


ROY PRODUCTIONS produces radio, theater, film, television and new media that rekindles our consumers' desire for autonomy and gives them the will to break outside their comfort zone.  The questions ROY PRODUCTIONS asks are: How can our content open portals to our consumers' imaginations? Where will their imaginations take them? Can our content be the catalyst for our consumers rediscovering how to see? Will their open eyes create an enlightened culture? We at ROY PRODUCTIONS believe the answer to that question is "yes." It won't be instant gratification, but we think there’s no such thing as a shortcut.



  • Media companies use their intelligence in service of their bottom line.
  • Consumers of media are over-fed and undernourished.
  • Producers create sugar-coated media thereby distancing consumers from the human condition.




Does the world need another media company?

Yes! Especially one run by a woman and dedicated to encouraging humans to live imaginative, emboldened lives; one that recognizes that though our future may be full of robots, we don't have to become one.

Is it possible you're being overly ambitious?

We believe it's important to act at the top of our intelligence and this is ours. We've spent years becoming an "expert" and though there is much to learn we're ready to go public and open the floodgates of ideas and collaborative thought.

What are your initial projects?

We're still in the research and development phase and asking a lot of "What If" questions. That said, we've got three big projects in the cooker:  A theatrical comedy A Swan on the Edge of Danger, a feature length film production of Macbeth set in the American West, and a podcast series The Erin Roy Show - thoughtful conversations with bad-ass women. Learn more by clicking the links listed below.

Where is ROY PRODUCTIONS headquartered?

Good question! Our founder Erin Roy works out of Brooklyn, New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We have plans to include Birmingham, Alabama and Los Angeles, California.

How can I get involved?

We're in need of investors, interns, and "believers" who don't have the capacity to invest their time or money but have connections to people who do. To join our movement contact our founder Erin Roy by clicking here or here: erin@erinroy.com You can also download our One Pager by clicking the link below.




  • ROY PRODUCTIONS uses our intelligence in service of our consumers.
  • Our content is authentic and eliminates the need for overindulgence.
  • We're not afraid of making consumers uncomfortable. May it lead to a country of citizens who make courageous choices not limited by fear.







With a unique combination of business acumen and creative talent, Erin brings years of experience as a dancer, actor, film & radio producer, and arts administrator. She attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts, danced with the Alabama Ballet and Contemporary Dance Wyoming, and served on the artistic and development staffs of Dancers' Workshop Jackson Hole, the Grand Teton Music Festival, and the New York Philharmonic. While Director of Development at the Grand Teton Music Festival she spearheaded a successful $5.5M Capital Campaign. As Director of the Junior Repertory Company of Dancers' Workshop she led productions with over 200 cast members. She believes the USA will be elevated by culturally engaged citizens.





Shakespeare's tragic tale adapted for the screen and set in the American West. Shooting Spring/Summer 2018.


Now a Podcast / Next a Television Show.


A one woman comedy show currently in development.


Projects recently completed and currently in development.