Born on Starcross Drive, Erin is from Birmingham, Alabama. Her southern roots extend to a love of urban and mountain culture so now New York City is home. Here she is building a career in television, film, stage, and the creation of new work.

Erin believes that through creative expression - dance, music, visual art, writing and acting - humans feel understood, connected and hopeful. Dance was her original form of expression. Her parents are classical musicians.  With broad vision, she hopes to become a cultural ambassador of our country, working to ensure all children find the same sense of safety and solace through the arts that she did.

In her dreams, all the people that Erin holds near and dear live in one place - a sprawling estate with buffalo, a herd of English Cream Retrievers, and chocolate cake eaten daily.

Visit this page to check out the media company she has started in 2017: ROY PRODUCTIONS.

(incomplete list of ) INSPIRING CREATORS and CREATIONS  Jacques D'Amboise and his National Dance Institute, Wes Anderson, Dame Sonia Arova, Bach, Balanchine, Ballet, Monica Bill Barnes, Baryshnikov, Basquiat, Pina Bausch, Christopher Bayes, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Beethoven, Anne Bogart, Brahms, Peter Brook, Tim Burton, Babs Case, Dame Judi Dench, Divinity, Elgar, Ensemble, my Family, Female, Food, my Friends, God, Brothers Grimm, Cynthia Harvey, Hugo, Interland, Ireland, Allison Janney, Frida Kahlo, de Kooning, Alonzo King and his Lines Ballet, Long Days Journey Into Night, Terrence Malick, Mahler, Memory, my Mentors, Monet, Ohad Naharin, Nature, Orchestra, Operatic Scale, Pastries, National Ballet of China in Raise the Red Lantern, Vanessa Redgrave, Roadtrips, Ballet Jazz de Montreal in Rossini Cards, Rothko, The Secret Garden, Fiona Shaw, Maggie Smith, String Instruments, Julie Taymor, Tchaikovsky, my Teachers, The United States of America, Oprah Winfrey, Where The Wild Things Are, Written Letters, Martha Wynn.